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Christy Alexander


Christy Alexander is CEO, Co-Founder, and Business Owner of 5 Star Therapy. Christy has over 25 years of experience in physical therapy and healthcare working in wide range of settings including home health, hospice, assisted living, outpatient, acute care, rehab hospital, early childhood intervention, long term care, and aquatics. Christy is an advocate for both women and veterans and has received recognition for: 2022 Enterprising Women of the Year Award Champion 2022 Selected to be a part of Dallas Business Journal Leadership Trust 2021 SBA Emerging Leader Dallas-Fort Worth Member of Advisory Board Enterprising Women Magazine Member of EWomen Network Christy Alexander, CEO, and Lindsay Hatfield, President, launched 5 Star Therapy in 2013 with a vision to create an ideal balance between “Mom Life” & “Career Life” for healthcare professionals.  


It is our mission to provide clients with top-in-industry services, build a positive upbeat company culture, communicate quickly solving staffing needs of partnering agencies, & establish that important mom/family life to work/career life balance. Here is why… 1. We love helping patients regain their quality of life to get back to doing what matters most to them. 2. We recognize for medical professionals it can be a challenge to find your ideal own personal balance between work life & family life. We are living proof it is possible & you CAN do both! We are thrilled we have been able to help so many healthcare workers find their ideal balance also by creating a company culture that promotes flexibility and works closely with each person to customize their ideal caseload so that they can be as busy or as prn as they choose to be.  Happy therapists carry over to optimal customer experiences for patients & business partners. You know what they say...a smile is contagious. 3. We look forward to serving our communities, clients, business partners & hope to inspire and empower others to live their dreams. 5 Star Therapy expanded services to include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing, & medical social worker services.  Fast forward to today, 5 Star Therapy’s reach includes over 300 contract therapists & 75 counties throughout Texas & Oklahoma. Currently, 5 Star Therapy has 6 office employees who work as a closely as a team to develop and implement innovative solutions for tackling the ever-changing healthcare industry, problem solve together through remote working and pandemic driven challenges and ensuring optimal performance for daily business operations.


5 Star Therapy serves a variety of settings, companies, communities, and populations through mobile healthcare services taking direct patient care to people in their homes, assisted living facility, or even their place of work. Our service includes but not limited to:

•Home Health Agencies

•Physician Based Groups

•Orthopedic Surgeons


•Health Care Providers

•Private Pay Clients

•Hospice •Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living Facilities

•Outpatient At Home 5 Star Therapy is 100% women owned business.


Fun Fact: Moms make up 83% of 5 Star Therapy's upper-level management team and women make up 82% of the professional healthcare team.


Christy Alexander has received recognition for: 

2022 Enterprising Women of the Year Award Champion

2021 SBA Emerging Leader Dallas-Fort Worth

Advisory Board Enterprising Women Magazine

Member of EWomen Network

Women and Veteran Advocates (Christy's husband was an air traffic controller in the Navy and served 17 years active duty)  As a military spouse I am passionate about both recognizing and helping our heroes that have given so much.



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