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Conference Speaker

Jason Ma

Jason Ma UC campus Headshot_edited.jpg

Jason Ma is recognized as Chief Mentor of Next-Gen Leaders (elite college admissions, career, life, and executive coach) in The CEO Magazine, Family Office Magazine, Impact Wealth Magazine, Fashion 4 Development (inducted into its League of Gentlemen), a bunch of family office summits, and some global CEO circles. He is Founder and CEO at ThreeEQ, a family-owned premier education, tech business, and family office advisory firm.


Jason has successfully coached 1-on-1 hundreds of high achievers from high school and college students (Gen Z) to Gen X CEOs, helping them achieve great outcomes with well-being. His teen students were admitted to all 8 Ivy League universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn/Wharton, Princeton, and Yale), Stanford, MIT, Caltech, UChicago, Duke, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Georgetown, and ALL other elite universities and colleges.


Along the way, Jason has profoundly honed his students’ visionary story, state, strategies, and soft skills (“4S“) and pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence (“3EQ“). His unique mentorship approach has empowered them and their families to enjoy GREATER life-cycle impact, relationships, and peace of mind. It’s helped mitigate their risks of major opportunity losses in our turbulent world. In UHNW families, this eases succession planning.

Jason is a sought-after speaker and a philanthropist. He is author of the critically acclaimed book ”Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers.” He is an Impact Wealth and Family Office Magazines contributor. He was Forbes contributor on elite college admissions, higher ed, leadership, and entrepreneurship success (1.7+ million views).


Jason was a Forbes Global CEO Conference delegate for 8 years before Forbes Media was acquired. As a member of the B20, the official G20 engagement group representing the global business community, Jason has served on the Future of Work and Education Taskforce since 2014.


Jason and his wife are joyful parents of 2 happy, compassionate Gen Z young adults. The Ma family (playfully called the “MAfia”) values unconditional love, humor, and high standards in what matters. Jason earned a degree at UC Berkeley College of Engineering.

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