Conference Speaker

Quinn Palomino

Quynh Palomino.png

Quinn Palomino is the CEO, majority shareholder and member of the Board of Managers of Virtua International Holdings. Ms. Palomino is a Southern California based entrepreneur with experience in real estate development, construction, and asset management.

In addition to Virtua International Holdings, Ms. Palomino founded or co-founded a number of companies. Clear Vista Management provides specialized asset and property management services for a national portfolio of commercial real estate. Quyp Development develops horizontal and vertical projects across the Sunbelt, including multi-family, mixed use, SFR rentals, and industrial. Quyp Hospitality develops limited service hotels under the Marriott and Hilton flags, and provides specialty consulting services. Versant Commercial Brokerage Inc, provides market research, underwriting, acquisitions, brokerage and workout consulting. Virtua Credit Corporation originates senior and mezzanine debt,and develops structured finance products. Virtua Capital Management provides product development, investor relations, regulatory compliance, and fund management.


Prior to her current roles within the now fully integrated firm, Quinn was the Director of Business Development for a commercial real estate firm in San Diego, CA, where she worked on more than $2B of investments. Quinn was also a partner at a San Diego based construction and development firm, where she worked on development projects with government agencies, including the California Department of Parks and Recreation and the City of Pittsburg, California Redevelopment Agency.