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Conference Speaker

Jade Garrett

Jade Profile.jpg

Jade Garrett is the Founder of Positive Deviancy. A platinum level connector organization for the Department of Energy's American-Made Network and has over 4 years of experience with the American-Made Challenge Prize Programs. Jade has supported over 70 different teams which have cumulatively won more than $1.75M in Innovation Funding from the DOE while she was their Connector.

Jade loves being directly engaged with innovators and teams that are taking on solving climate change. Since the majority of her work history for the past decade has been primarily with startups in the energy, hardware, and robotics space, she fully understands how to support and empower renewable energy innovators to access idea stage funding. She is one of the 2% of female founders who have raised VC investment and has served on the Virginia Governor's Council for Youth Entrepreneurship. 

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