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Conference Speaker

Teresa Rabenberg Grobecker 

Teresa R.png

Teresa leads several companies in the real estate industry. She founded the first online real estate brokerage in San Francisco. Teresa put American real estate, (the world’s largest asset class) on her private, patent-pending blockchain. The purpose of the ledger is to satisfy Dodd-Frank. Consortia is part of the National Association of Realtors portfolio of companies through SCV REACH. Teresa manages and advises several prop-tech companies. She also consults the largest owners of SFRs, title and escrow, underwriting and real estate companies on Web 3.0, aka, blockchain.

Teresa is extremely passionate about real estate and leadership in every form. She has brokered and mentored numerous deals for her clients and agents which included traditional, probate, bankruptcy, short sales, and foreclosure situations. Her real estate knowledge is equal to her ability to effectively work with others – which is the perfect combination to see your transaction to a successful close.

Teresa has a very unique blend of skills that will ensure your financial well-being through your real estate transaction and career. She works diligently for the aspirations of her clients, agents and broker-managers. Her keen ability to foresee and expertly navigate challenges eases the minds of her clients and team. With her background in finance, her strengths lie in maintaining the overall soundness of each transaction. Her personal goal is to counsel you through to realize your own personal goals.

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