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Conference Speaker

Tom Liravongsa

Tom Lira.jpg

Tom Liravongsa is a licensed investment manager both in the US under the CTFC and Europe under Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). Mr. Liravongsa is also a serial Entrepreneur with involvement in multiple investments throughout a range of sectors. His most notable venture was the creation of HGT in 2010, a private hedge fund that traded assets using a high-frequency algorithm developed by Mr. Liravongsa to trade
derivatives markets. This fund generated international notoriety including front page coverage on The Wall Street Journal along with multiple follow-on interviews. HGT reached $1.2 Billion in traded assets by 2013 and provided investors with an average audited return of 42% per annum while the fund was in operation.

Thereafter, Mr. Liravongsa managed TR swaps for single family offices and institutions within Europe, later to become the manager of a private derivatives fund under the guise of COMGEST and Nomura. During his time working closely with QEPs and institutions, Mr. Liravongsa was responsible for underwriting large scale credit risk and real estate investments. The experience and knowledge gained during this time has led
Mr. Liravongsa into unique real estate investment opportunities, in which he has underwritten over $3B in assets ranging from cold storage, BFR/BTR, Hospitality, and Multifamily. In 2019, Mr. Liravongsa created L’Cre Global Partners, as-a boutique investment firm focused on one-off unique investment opportunities that are systematically managed and profit driven.

Currently, Mr. Liravongsa resides in Michigan where he holds a business and computer science degree from Baker University, as well as a specialized training and certification from Bloomberg University for derivatives and risk management.

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